Thank you for visiting the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company - established in 1947. Please take your time, ask us any questions you may have, and taste the finest Buffalo and Elk meat in the West!

Dan Marino

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3 oz. Cal Fat Chol
Bison 93 1.8g 43mg
Elk 94 1.7g 40mg
Turkey 125 3.0g 59mg
Beef 183 8.7g 55mg
Chicken 140 3.0g 73mg
Fish 125 3.0g 59mg

Our Customers Say

My husband is of Native American heritage and loves to eat buffalo, he was always telling me how good it was, and good for you. He's a cross-country truck driver, and has enjoyed buffalo all across the states. But, being that we live in New Jersey, we never knew of any reputable farms that we could buy from. That is until I saw your company recommended by the food network on TV, I ordered right away! I ordered 5 Lbs. of your buffalo burgers. Thank you for providing such quick service a fantastic product! They are so tasty, we love them! I am on the weight watchers points diet. I was missing cheeseburgers, there is no way to eat beef burgers with my diet because they are so high in fat & calories. But your buffalo really does the trick, I like the taste more than beef! Just a question about your burgers...you list on the website the calories, fat and cholesterol, but do you know the fiber content. I need to know if there is any fiber to calculate it for my diet.

Either way, your buffalo is way healthier than beef, and delicious to boot!

J. Hollway,
New Jersey.

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We Accept Visa & MasterCard

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company

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Welcome to Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company. Since 1947, we’ve served up the highest quality free-range buffalo meat available anywhere. If you’ve visited the Jackson Hole area, or plan to soon, we hope you come visit our store to share a bite and swap a story. Our gourmet buffalo and elk steaks are hand-cut daily by owner and founder Dan Marino and his staff. So stop in to experience a Jackson Hole buffalo institution and savor the original flavors of the Great American West.

Bring our tradition home to your table today.

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