I ordered 3 gift packs, slightly customized, for family and friends back East at Christmas (’09). Well let me tell you that they RAVED about their gifts. Everything was delivered to them as promised. One friend used the box contents to entertain some unexpected guests that were world travelers used to eating the likes of exotic meat. Never had they had buffalo,strange at it may seem. Another box went to a sister in New York City who, unbeknownst to me, frequented a cafe close to her flat for her favorite buffalo steak. When she received the gift box….well she called me while munching on the buffalo salami and feared she might eat the whole thing at one sitting. The 3rd box went to a friend in South Carolina who absolutely loves the Tetons. We took a trip there in 2008 and the meats brought back nothing but wonderful memories for her.

Thank you for your products. They are delicious, and your customized service impeccable.

K. Begalla Park City, Utah & Evanston, Wyoming

My sister and brother-in-law just received your shipment of Elk T-bone steaks and Buffalo burgers that I sent them for Christmas. They were absolutely WOW’d and said the meats were perfectly packed and arrived icy cold (in Florida). My sister also told me that her husband was bowing to the elk steaks and licking his lips as he placed them the freezer! I think you created love!

Thought you’d like to know how well you do at shipping your remarkable meats! Thank you, thank you!

Happiest holiday wishes to you,

C. Johns Blaine, WA

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. Wishing to give my sister a really special birthday gift, I sent her your six steak package for a surprise. Even though she lives in the high desert of California, and the temperature ran in the 100-110 degree range in the last week, her steaks arrived fully frozen, although the dry ice had fully melted. I am so impressed! and she was thrilled with her gift. You will surely be hearing from me in the future.

Thank you once again.

C. Viands

My husband is of Native American heritage and loves to eat buffalo, he was always telling me how good it was, and good for you. He’s a cross-country truck driver, and has enjoyed buffalo all across the states. But, being that we live in New Jersey, we never knew of any reputable farms that we could buy from. That is until I saw your company recommended by the food network on TV, I ordered right away! I ordered 5 Lbs. of your buffalo burgers. Thank you for providing such quick service a fantastic product! They are so tasty, we love them! I am on the weight watchers points diet. I was missing cheeseburgers, there is no way to eat beef burgers with my diet because they are so high in fat & calories. But your buffalo really does the trick, I like the taste more than beef! Just a question about your burgers…you list on the website the calories, fat and cholesterol, but do you know the fiber content. I need to know if there is any fiber to calculate it for my diet.

Either way – your buffalo is way healthier than beef, and delicious to boot!

Thanks Again.

J. Hollway New Jersey

I placed an order last weekend for Elk and Buffalo Meat from your company. I received my order and I am thrilled!!!! Coming from a background of eating Elk, Deer and Bison, I was amazed at the quality of your meats. The packaging was great. I had to call customer service to place another order, Kimber was so nice and helpful. I have let everyone know about your company. This was a first for my husband, he has had a steak and tonight I made meatballs with diced tomatoes and grape jelly, Out of this world!!! I will be a loyal customer.

U. Turner

I purchased a whole Elk Tenderloin from your shop on Friday, July 20th. I roasted this delicious piece of meat to a perfect medium rare with only a bit of fresh garlic, grey salt, good olive oil and fresh cracked pepper. Served with a morel mushroom cream sauce, it was the best ever! Just wanted to thank you for making our stay in Jackson even more special. Our hosts (local residents…) can’t wait to create this meal for future guests.

Also… your Elk Jerky is the best. I’ll be placing an order soon!!!

M. Morris Houston, Texas

I just ordered your buffalo burger 15 pack last week. I have been reluctantly wanting to try this meat as many who have, seem to really like it. I am funny about meat and related products, and have tried venison in the past and did not care for it at all. But, the calorie and fat content were very tempting. I awaited my shipment, and received it a few days ago.

Well, first of all, the packaging and shipping were immaculate, and the 3 packs came in perfect condition. I defrosted one pack the other day. I pan fried them adding a little liquid smoke and Worcestershire sauce, at the suggestion of a friend whose food opinions I value. As I cooked them, I was still feeling a bit weird about tasting them. But, once I did… WOW, I can never remember being so pleasantly surprised by a food product. They were tasty, rich, meaty, tender, just absolutely delicious, actually, maybe even better than beef burgers. I think I am hooked and will be a regular and steady customer. Just YUM!! I’m just thrilled to be writing this. I am still a bit skeptical about the calories and fat, how can they be so low and taste so good?

How would you say the steaks compare to the burger? That may be my next brave encounter.

Again, thank for you a wonderful, and great quality product with excellent shipping.

Diane H. Orlando, Florida

I received the combination pack (buffalo and elk). It was very well packaged, arrived in good condition, plus it was still frozen. I believe this is my 3rd time to buy from you. Each time has been total satisfaction. I will be in Jackson WY the first week of September and plan on stopping by your factory and retail store. Thanks again.

T. Williams Vivian, LA

I was in your store on Monday, July 28 and you helped me pick out gifts that would make it home on the plane. I bought buffalo jerky and three Teton salamis. Well, the salami made it home fine and we are enjoying it, and debating whether to actually give away the other two as gifts because it is soooo good! As for the jerky, which was also going to be a gift, my nine year old daughter and I couldn’t resist, and helped ourselves on our drive down to Salt Lake City. It was fabulous bison jerky!

Thanks for great products. We will be online ordering more soon!

Marla Plymouth, Massachusetts