What are the Health Benefits of Eating Buffalo?

There are many health benefits of eatingbuffalo. Rich in flavor, low in fat and high in protein, buffalo meat is an ideal substitute for beef in your favorite recipes. Bison meat is lower in calories and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, skinless chicken and even some fish! While bison tastes similar to high quality beef, it stands out for being slightly sweeter and more nutritionally dense than other types of red meat.


Grass-fed meat is naturally lower in fat and calories than grain fed meat and is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA or “good fats.” These good fats help fight an array of diseases from heart disease to cancer. Our 100% grass-fed bison meat comes to you directly from our grassland pastures in Wyoming.


Buffalo meat contributes significantly more iron to your diet than beef, with higher levels of vitamins and minerals and twice as much Beta-carotene as strictly grain-fed meats. Because buffalo has very little fat and contains more protein than beef, it doesn’t shrink in cooking and it’s more satisfying to eat. Pound per pound, it’s a better value than many “cheaper” meats.


Species Fat Calories    Cholesterol    Saturated Fat    Protein Iron
Bison 2.42 g 143 kcal 82 mg 0.91 g 28.44 g 3.4mg
Beef 90% lean 11.73g 217 kcal 85 mg 4.63 g 26.11g 2.7mg
Pork 18.19 g 265 kcal 105 mg 5.15 g 23.55 g 1.5mg
Chicken* 3.57 g 165 kcal 85 mg 1.01 g 31.02 g 1.0mg

Per 100 grams cooked meat *Skinless, breast only


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