How do I cook Buffalo Meat?

Are you craving your favorite championship chili or grilled steak? The way to cook buffalo meat is similar to cooking beef and most of your favorite recipes can be easily adapted to buffalo meat. Just keep in mind the basics of cooking buffalo mentioned below, and you can enjoy delicious, healthy buffalo meat anytime.


Buffalo meat is lower in fat than most red meat and because of this, it cooks faster. Therefore, it is essential to preserve the moisture in the meat to keep it from drying out. Lowering your recipe’s cooking temperature and reducing the cooking time will yield delicious tender grilled steaks and juicy burgers. When preparing the meat, defrost in the refrigerator for best results. For marinating, keep acidic ingredients out of the marinade to keep the meat tender. When preparing burgers, gently form the patties and cook the burgers to no more than medium, until the pink is just starting to disappear. Buffalo meat doesn’t shrink while cooking like other meats and won’t leave behind excess grease. For a delicious, simple, BURGER RECIPE CLICK HERE.


If you prefer your meat well done, “low and slow” cooking methods are a great option for achieving tender results. Cooking the meat at a lower temperature for a longer time keeps it tender and delicious. Using a cooking technique like braising is an excellent choice. This BUFFALO STEW RECIPE IS ONE OF OUR FAVORITES.


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